Thursday, October 16, 2008

Haiku #2

See you rise and fall
Amongst the stars
Yearning to hold you tonight

Saturday, October 11, 2008

love poem.

Let me go down
cold breathe
and gasping for air
nothing so fair
eternal bliss
true kiss
imagined complete
my boy barefeet

small eyes
no more tests
eternal love
beautiful struggle
I just wanna cuddle

Sweet girl
Sweet boy
his perfect beautiful toy
full of love
full of gift
full of promise
his kiss lifts

both feet off the ground
never let her down
unless you wanna
but you don't dotta gotta
fair sweet hair
dare to care
care to love
curse below
light above

line by line
love intertwine
come up from below
love so fine
so fine
I know I know.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

rise and shine.

ironic illusion of perfection
it is you whom i desire affection
the stars bow to your complexion
trees of green fall to their knees -
aching for presence in your energy
soul of simple beauty,
radidated over infinite wavelengths,
rocks of solid rigidity, crumble to bear your humility,
the sun gives warmth to you continuously
just to renew your vitality
vines wrap flowers upon you gracefully
simply to celebrate your delicate sexuality
not surprisingly,
you've sought individuality
renounced greed and jealousy
touch of velvet skin memories,
eyes of unspeakable intensity -
his essence i only knew momentarily
i only hope that he thinks of me

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

shadow of penumbra:

Desperation, bleakness, and confusion seem abundant
in my heart and mind.

A complete sense of lost has taken its toll
I don't know if I want to feel anymore.

I feel like a shadow, dark and empty
living in someone else not myself.

All my actions and feelings seem to depend
on others thought.

But today as I sit alone and feel like a shadow,
I'll remember the sun arises from the darkness.

So I'll take all these wrong feelings and plant
them in shadows, see if they grow to a different sense.

Monday, September 29, 2008


I guess its been five times or more
I have failed
to read
the book entire.
Yet ever it finds me
each time I return
Daring me to
attempt to
reach its summit
It would be poetic
to continue to fail
and still smile
at the thought
of never

Saturday, September 27, 2008

i am what?

I am the proverb
not taught in time,
the nine stitches.
I am the loose lace,
the trip, the fall.
I am the apple.
I am the bark,
the wrong tree.
I am the fence,
the grass, the greener.
I am the bush,
the bird, the hand.

I am the itchy palm,
the ear burning.
I am the dry well.
I am the worth of water.
I am the other way
to skin. I am the cat.
I am the watched pot.
I am the tears.
I am the milk.
I am the glass house.
I am the stone.
I am the practice,
the preached perfection.

I am the necessity,
the invention.
I am the waste and the want.
I am the picture,
the thousandth word.
I am the absence,
I am the heart.
I am the nose,
the face, the spite.
I am the one
basket, the egg
that didn't hatch.
I am the goose. I am
the walking over the grave.

Friday, September 26, 2008

a feeling i miss.

Walked across my field of dreams the other day. As I saw all that was truly beautiful and inspiring; like thoughts of you and me at the beach, when the gentle breeze was the only thing slowly moving my hair and that you just simply held my hand.

Walked across the river of sadness and still there was some part of you. Fishes of pain, sorrow, and even hate passed me by. Yet there was something beautiful about crossing this river, some kind of spectacle gave me reasons to still be there, to not give up.

And I know this may be redundant but words were painted in the sky. Let me tell you, each and every of your words. And as the sky turned black suddenly the moon appeared, lighting up the rest of my field of dreams.

Walked past the times when all we could do was smile, and our happiness was shown so many times it seemed surreal.
Saw the nigths when you were rigth there beside me and I saw you sleep and choke for air.

The days when a goodbye at your door lasted for hours. A movie more than a movie. A star more than just a star. It was our time to forget the world. These fields will some day eventually lead me back to you. And someday we'll walk in them together.